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Building The Globex Brand

Globex Biotech is a 20 year old company that is a leader in micro-algae research and development. Their flagship product is Globex Spirulina.

We took this traditionally relevant brand and gave it a new look to suit modern, and even futuristic tastes. We redesigned everything from their stationery, product packaging, website, brochures, and are even running their social media accounts.

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Produced through a Superior Scientific Process

Globex Organic Spirulina is manufactured using pure vegetarian organic nutrients which are "Certified Organic". Unlike regular Spirulina, no synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or trace minerals are allowed under these standards, especially Naturland, for cultivation of Organic Spirulina.

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Our Key Features

  • 100% organic and vegetarian

  • Plant based nutrients used in cultivation

  • No animal inputs used in cultivation

  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free

  • Highly safe ( Low PAH, Low Heavy metals)

  • Non- Irradiation

Smart people never compromise with quality
Globex Spirulina's production facility certification

Organic Certifications and Vegetarian Declarations

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